Tiny house for BUSINESS
  • 1
    Adaptable to different business needs
    From the private office, healthcare, retail, beauty salons, education, tourism and event management and more.
  • 2
    Gives you the opportunity to be closer to your client and work anywhere
    Just pick up your Tiny House and drive. Choose a convenient location and you won't have to wait for a customer to pass by and follow you.
  • 3
    The cost of buying or building a Tiny House is low
    Compared to the renovation and adaptation of traditional retail premises, the financial benefits are convincing. A small, mobile space is much cheaper.
Possible Business Solutions
  • CATERING INDUSTRY - Cafe; Restaurant; Country shop
  • SALON - Hairdresser; Manicure; Massage; Sauna
  • FOR RETAIL - Shops / Salons; Trade stands
  • TOURISM - Klientu izmitināšana; Naktsmītnes festivāliem, koncertiem
  • PERSONALISED BUSINESS - Office; Training; Seminars
  • ARTIST STUDIO - Photo salon; Art gallery; Exhibition Centre
  • HEALTHCARE - Mobile Clinic; Blood Donor Center; Dentistry
  • GYM - Yoga; Meditation; Physiotherapy
  • PROVISION OF EVENTS - Toilets; Wardrobes; Processing, etc.
Length: 3 options
4.8m I 5.4m I 6.0m
2,55 m
Weight (approx.)
3.5 t
Following the current situation in the world and looking at future demand trends, we want to change the idea of what mobile houses can be intended for
The core values provided by the benefits offered by Tiny House are new and unique.
And we develop each project individually, so we adapt the interior layout and equipment to the application you need.
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