Mobile house – Tiny House
An ecological and self-sufficient house that will give you the feeling of liberty and freedom regardless of where you might be.
Each project is developed individually!

Mobilā māja — Tiny House
An ecological and self-sufficient house that will give you the feeling of liberty and freedom regardless of where you might be.
Each project is developed individually!

Mobile Tiny House Models
Tiny house FOR LIVING
Residential houses are built on the basis of VLEMMIX trailers, and the size of the house can be adjusted to the size of the trailer.
Tiny house for BUSINESS
These small mobile houses can be more than just houses! We let this concept to grow into innovative solutions.
Mobile House Features AND Why Choose a Smart Eco Tiny House?
  • 1
    You can travel with your house
    One of the biggest advantages of buying a mobile house is the ability to travel and get it to your desired location, whether you want to relocate or just go on vacation without even packing your suitcases. The opportunity for mobility is a huge benefit.
  • 2
    You can customize your Tiny House for different needs
    A mobile house may not be a traditional residence, it can be adapted to be used as an individual office, service salon, shop, or simply turned into a nice place to relax.
  • 3
    As the mobile home is small, made of natural materials and energy efficient, its footprint in nature is small.
    The use of solar energy, the composting of toilets and the use of recyclable materials minimize these environmental impacts.
  • 4
    Energy efficiency
    The energy needs are much lower than for a traditional house. Smaller appliances and less space use less energy to heat and cool the air. Smart insulation and ventilation systems reduce heat loss.
  • 5
    Easy and fast cleaning, less time / money for cleaning
    One of the biggest benefits is less space, which means less cleaning. Cleaning a traditional home can be very time consuming and cost significantly more than that of a tiny house.
  • 6
    Construction and maintenance costs
    One of the biggest small benefits is cost savings. Because the area is much smaller than the average house, you will have lower electricity bills, lower monthly payments and lower maintenance costs. In addition, the purchase of the house itself will cost much less.
  • 7
    Livelihood and minimalism
    Living in a traditional house or apartment, we are literally overgrown with unnecessary things. There will be only those things around the tiny house that you really need and look great. The house itself and the lifestyle it offers open a new perspective on life, providing leisure opportunities to dedicate to yourself and your family.
If you are interested in more detailed technical information about Tiny house, download the prepared material
We create environmentally friendly mobile houses where you can enjoy the possibilities and comfort of modern technology, while taking care of the environment, and minimizing the use of artificial materials.

Our cottages are handmade by skilled craftsmen, each shining with its own special charm and quality.

Natural materials combined with innovative solutions ensure that the use of houses is safe, economical and comfortable in the long run.
Process description and timelines
Tell us your wishes, needs and expectations.
Together we will find a planning and design solution that meets your exact requirements and budget, develop sketches, and offer cost guides.
When compiling the information, we develop an individual offer adapted to the requirements and sign an execution agreement, after which you make a deposit in the amount of 10% of the total estimate.
Based on your needs and wishes, we develop a house project within 2 weeks, send you architectural, design and communication plans and visualizations. When you are satisfied with all aspects, we start the construction process.
You pay a second payment of 40% for the purchase of trailers and materials.
Depending on the complexity of the project and the equipment chosen, this phase takes approximately 8-12 weeks, during which you will receive photo reports and information on the progress and progress of the construction process.
During this stage, we agree on the end date of the project. You make a third payment of 25%.
About 9-15 weeks after signing the contract, your house is ready to go to you.
We coordinate the place and conditions of delivery.
You make a payment of 25% of the balance
We are on our way to you.
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